Forget About the Numbers Game, Let’s Talk About The Naming Game, Shall We?

It started simply enough with a name that drifted into my head a few mornings ago, as I lay in bed struggling to get up and start the day.

The name that mysteriously suggested itself to me was Tinder Catchfire. It came to me complete. Unannounced and seemingly from out of nowhere. But what’s more unusual is that the name was also linked to a particular occupation from the very first.

For in one split second, I suddenly became aware that there exists this character called Tinder Catchfire, who also apparently happens to be an extremely gifted student teacher.

Interestingly, the gender of said character was not so definite. And even now as I write this, I have no idea if Tinder is a he or a she. But what I do know is that it is my job, as a writer, to tell Ms/Mr/Mrs Catchfire’s story, as best I can.

However, ultimately, the telling of that particular story is a project for another day.

Really, I suppose, what I’m more interested in knowing right now is how those of you who are reading this come up with names for your own characters in stories. And also, how do you feel about the use of aptronyms, more generally? (NB aptronym: a name that is especially suited to the profession of its owner, eg Dr Fang the dentist)

To get the ball rolling, I’ll confess that I personally find aptronyms a bit trite or try-hard ordinarily. Nonetheless, I now feel committed to the choice of Tinder Catchfire for the name of my future protagonist in a still yet to be written story.

So what say you who are reading this? Are you interested in knowing more about Tinder Catchfire? And if so, what gender does the name suggest to you? Please do share your thoughts and experiences…


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