Come Dino with Me

One can get mighty hungry, waiting around for Armageddon. So check out this recipe for Apocalypse cupcakes…

I wanna be a rollergirl

Steg-CDWM-invite3Okay so I’ve been wanting to post this for ages – but also wanted my derby dinner guests to be pleasantly surprised by Sara’s Dinosaur Apocalypse Brownie Cupcakes – so HERE THEY ARE! (All fully vegan, so true herbivores can appreciate also.)

You may notice that mine differ ever so slightly from Sara’s, but I totally blame that on the UK’s pathetic attempts at red food dye and Waitrose’s lack of cinnamon for the boulders! (Also my printer ran out of ink so I had to use a real dinosaur as a topper 🙂 )

Thanks Sara for the fab recipe; the almond made them soooo good; I’m officially putting almond in everything now!

And big love to my two dining guests who pulled out all the stops with their costumes: masks, a tail and even dino toes! (awesome, no?!)

(There were also two other food courses for the evening…

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