Bosco dei Mostri (Monsters’ Grove)

Bosco dei Mostri (Monsters’ Grove)

today i slouch in shadows
of the monsters’ grove
a lazy dilettante of words
carved in atonal stone
built to astonish and frilled
with ancient verdigris
kept pure by the
toothless yawns of fetid
cannibal idols
hungering to consume all
all too soon, the eschaton
i spit these loose last moments
in the face of the
holy fuck, the gods themselves
wage war
with me. at this very place mt olympus
shed its last splintered tear, here where
cocteau and dali adored the
sacred form of chaos
housed in a twisted house
string pull and the final curtain fall
a revelation arranged just so


to set

the eye, head

and heart of the apocalypse

free tomorrow



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