The Apocalypse Corner (apocalypse of self)

To help celebrate the inception of the Missing Zero Apocalypse Corner, I have selected the following poem by shrinksarentcheap to be the inaugural entry into said hallowed corner:

(NB. Inclusion is open to all. So please send any of your apocalyptic prose, poems, photos or other paraphernalia directly to the Missing Zero blog!)

apocalypse of self by shrinksarentcheap

MY kingdom is in ruins,

who tore all my flocks to shreds?

Who murdered all those weary peasants

slack inside their freezing beds?

And who set fire to all the towers?

Who has butchered all the herds?

Who has summoned every demon

on the earth to speak its words

over my sullen population,

and my aggravated throne?

Who has acted on an impulse

to abandon and disown

the favored tenants of my city,

and the newborns of my cattle?

Who has hurled out canon balls

in haste, destroying us in battle?

Who has sent their soldiers up

the ladders down into our homes?

And who is slamming down her scepter,

shrieking, mouth all striped with foam?

And…Jesus Christ, is that a mirror?

Am I centered in that frame?

Is that white film over my eyes?

And are they really so aflame?

My hands are grasping feathered books,

all lined with vast torrential curses,

and my mouth is sputtering

the words to all their vile verses.

All the angels who visited Job

were nothing next to me!

My light is brighter than their suns,

and sings more awful than their seas,

and I am ravaging myself,

and knifing my skin off in strips,

and drinking poison to the numbers

peeling from my severed lips,

and breaking stones over my feet,

ripping my fingers from my hands,

so that my body can lie still beside

my felled and gutted lands.

apocalypse of self.


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