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when today’s child
has grown into
tomorrow’s woman or man
what then will be left
of paradise?

what breed of future bird will sing
its crimson song in leafy bowers? and where
like herds of woolly mammoths
will the people roam? in upscale new york
under new anti-grav twin towers?

or perhaps shot out towards the stars
housed in shrapnel housing, to live marooned
on a barren moon…breathing…borrowed
…air…missing zero of the loss
of Earth our mother womb?


Some elegant urge
A black gift rose
To celebrate the decadent
Vision of the death stare
Trapped behind which
A 1000 apparatus soar
Moan and rend
Too raw from the wound
Where the bull’s horn
Has gored her, she cries
“Is this it? Should I stay
Hit and not standing?”
Her mind the proverbial
Ship in a lather that drives
The storm, until at last
She hears her final
Salvation calling.

A Sign of the Times

God spoke to me
In a dream
Last night
I didn’t mind much
“The end of the world
is nigh!” he said
Speaking in a voice
Both deafening and
Impossibly quiet at once
I’m okay with it, I
Suppose I’ll get used
To the idea but still
Worry with such messages
Filling my head I’ll
Wind up crazy
Homeless prophet bum
Warning all
“Prepare to Meet Thy Maker!”
Wearing nothing under
A sandwich-board sign
Leaving me naked
But for being clothed
In these words of moral

Pillow talk

At night sometimes
When you first fall
Asleep beneath
The moment
I listen
To you speak
Whispering like a
Delirious summer goddess
Honey drunk and with snow
Upon your collar
Who sees nothing
But beauty at her feet
Slowly getting lost
In the sweet mother forest
Of the never ever time.

Lapis Bellatores (The Stone Warriors)

After peace solves naked disorder
Angry he moves, the shadow
Desert bird
Where the body of the lion lay fastened
To the fatal impression
A photographic arrangement of
The anxiety of vibration
This is the formula moistened
Darkness becomes the issue of blood
For the end of whiteness
At last, to thee is risen
It originated to be finally you
So sleep well now on your beds of stone
Ye brave-hearted bellatores.

The Girl That Got Away

I have a friend whom I haven’t seen in years. Over twenty years, if I’m going to be honest. We went to high school together and then went our separate ways. She’s since married, as have I. I’ve also had a child since then. But I’m pretty sure she never did start a family of her own.

We were “real close friends”, back in the day. I’m sure she even sold me my first bag of dope. Marijuana, that is. Nothing too serious, just a sandwich bag stuffed full of leafy weed. We were just stupid kids, I suppose, hanging out after school.

She also had this thing for a while going on with the female drama teacher up at the art college. That was cool, too, I guess, I said.

So anyway, now, right out of nowhere, she has blown back into town. She’s even sent me a text to say we should catch up, after explaining she’s manages a “big top” tent with which she travels the country putting on cabaret shows and such.

You’d think I’d be happy. Well, I should be, don’t you think? But I haven’t answered her text, not yet.

I mean, I still remember picking her up from the local milk-bar she worked at, when I got my first car. Or how I told her I loved her when it was obviously already hopeless, as far as our ever getting together, all that long time ago.

And as for the measure of each of our levels of success, well, she’s doing everything of which she ever dreamt. Whereas I always talked of becoming a writer; but, quite honestly, I haven’t found my wings yet.

I’m not so certain I ever will.

Sure enough, I’ve kicked around in a few deadbeat bands and written a song or two. I even wrote a novel, much to my own despair.

Nothing came of any of it. I’m still living in the same backwater we grew up in, and a good halfway to becoming a failure in my own eyes.

Close friends can do that — hold a mirror up to our lives, that is. Just by their very presence. And so maybe after such a long break in contact, as it has been in this case, it’s not our long lost friend we don’t want to see, but ourselves…

Hell, in the end, I don’t know, maybe it’s only really little children who get excited when the circus comes to town.

What’s in a Name? The Illuminati, Just Another Secret Handshake Club?

The all-seeing eye in the pyramid - Original artwork by Lorem Ipsum

The all-seeing I – Original artwork by Lorem Ipsum

A professor of law at Ingolstadt University called Adam Weishaupt is usually credited as being the man who first founded the Illuminati, on the 1st May 1776.

The original secret society that he created is also referred to as the Bavarian Conspiracy or the Order of Perfectabilists. And by all accounts it proved to be a very short-lived organisation, flourishing for less than a decade. It’s aim evidently was to infiltrate Freemasonry and thereby promote “freethinking” in line with current Enlightenment philosophy.

However, some social commentators at the time believed that this initial incarnation of the Illuminati was also responsible for orchestrating the events leading up to, and including, the French Revolution (1789-1799).

As an interesting aside, it is said that on reaching the highest level of this “oh-so” secret organisation members were finally informed that, “the only secret is that there is no secret”.

Anyway, what is strange, then, about all of this, is how the term Illuminati has come to now dominate our own popular culture of today. From conspiracy theories linking the Illuminati to every significant world event to have transpired in the past 350 years (the rise of Nazism, the JFK assassination, 9/11), to accusations of their controlling both Hollywood and every major recording artist currently releasing music (Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, One Direction etc) almost universally the so-called Illuminati are portrayed as being the evil masterminds behind a heinous plot to enslave mankind and take over the world.

On the one hand, Illuminati whistleblowers say it is the old money of Big Business families like the Rothschilds and the Rockerfellers which is behind such a plot. Whereas on the other, more paranoid self-appointed watchdogs, such as David Icke, argue that the Illuminati (along with its agenda of establishing one world government) is simply part of a millennia-old global conspiracy, being perpetrated by humanity’s reptilian shape-shifting extraterrestrial overlords so as to dupe us into submission.

Whatever the case, a great deal of fear has become stirred up in the minds of large sections of the community, especially amongst fundamentalist Christian groups it would seem.

Ironically, for many such Christians, the term Illuminati has become synonymous with the word Satanist. Why this is ironic is because Adam Weishaupt first founded his secret society as a way of propagating secular ideas and beliefs that were central to the Enlightenment thinking of his day. Meaning that he believed in the Devil no more than he did in God. In fact, he probably didn’t believe in either concept as being anything other than a superstitious leftover from a less enlightened age.

Misguided? Yes, perhaps, you could argue he was, depending on your own faith. But a Satanist? No. Adam Weishaupt worshipped reason and order over chaos and evil. So what is this legacy of his we have been left to contend with, this shadowy outfit he named the Illuminati? Well, I believe, the word Illuminati is a hollow name used solely as a marketing ploy by unscrupulous sellers of snake oil. Advertising executives and would-be, false prophets have latched onto it, in lieu of the term “Bogey Man”. Because, you know what, there’s only one thing that sells better than sex, and that’s FEAR!

And therefore as regards worrying about the actual existence of the Illuminati goes, my best advice to you comes by way of a very famous (non-reptitilian) terrestrial who once said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa (Photo credit: ama_lia). Lady Gaga plays “peek-a-boo” with her fans in the hope of increasing record sales.